Preparing the upper body for crutches


Seated press-ups

• Sit in a sturdy, non-tip chair with armrests.

• With palms flat on the armrests, press hands down to lift buttocks from the

chair. Hold for 3–5 seconds.

• Bend your elbows to slowly ease back down


Bicep curls

• Sit up straight. Keep your elbow close to your body and your wrist straight.

• Bend your arm, moving your hand up to your shoulder, then lower slowly. Start by using your fist as weight.

• Do a set with each arm. Depending upon your strength, use dumbbells.


Tricep curls

• Sit, leaning forward from the waist.

• Bend your elbow so that your forearm is parallel to the floor. Then straighten elbow as you extend arm behind you. Start with a very light dumbbell and increase weight as you get stronger.

• Do a set with each arm.

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