Sever's Heel Pain (Calcaneal Apophysitis)

What is Sever's of the foot?

Severs 'disease' is a growth plate related disorder of the heel bone.

How is it commonly injured?

Sever's usually occurs in boys aged between 10-14, and girls a little younger at 8-13. This is when the heel bone is maturing into its adult form - the calcaneus.

The Achilles tendon attaches into this sever's growth plate and active children can occasionally develop this painful heel disorder.

Signs and Symptoms of severs?

  • Pain after activity and sometimes during

  • Pain during rest periods during sports eg: half time or full-time of sport

  • Pain on palpation on the Sever's plate

  • The children will 'run funny" due to stiffness and pain in the heel area

  • No swelling is noted

  • No bruising is noted

Management Techniques

  • Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation: all these techniques help to control the swelling and pain

  • Maintenance of strength losses via specific foot exercises

  • Maintenance of range of motion loss via specific foot exercises

  • Massage of the calf area can help reduce the tension on the area

  • Orthotics can help reduce the tension on the Achilles and severs plate

If your child is suffering the above signs or symptoms of severs and you would like to look further. We have a 4-week online program dedicated to reducing your child's pain.

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