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Sever's Program

This Lower Extremity Group (LEG) rehabilitation program will inform and help guide you and your child through this troublesome time. 

Designed by a Podiatrist with over 20 years of experience in Sever's rehabilitation.  

This rehab guide gives you  complete progressive evidence-based rehabilitation for the treatment and management of Sever's Heel Pain in children.

Why not help your child today and every day to manage their Sever's Heel Pain.

What do you receive? 

  • Your evidence-based daily Sever's management program is very easy for your child to follow and includes;

    • Progressive neuromuscular isometric, concentric, and eccentric strengthening exercises 

    • Passive and dynamic stretching exercises

    • ​Myofascial massage exercises

    • Plus more

  • Our experienced Podiatrist has taken these technical modalities and simplified them into easy to watch videos for your child to follow. ​

What is Sever's? 

  • Sever’s Heel Pain is a common childhood injury where the heel growth plate is sore and inflamed

  • Pain in the heel growth plate is normally caused by the overuse of the Achilles and plantar foot muscles pulling in opposite directions to one another creating a traction load on the growth plate indicated in yellow to the right

  • Sever’s heel pain is the number 1 childhood heel pain complaint

  • Sever's is most common in active children aged between 9 and 14.

  • Often it is a direct result of increased athletic behaviours or overload of sports training.

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Severs' Heel Pain

  • Sever’s was first described in the medical literature by Warren Sever in 1912. It is also referred to as Calcaneal Apophysitis - We think Sever’s is much easier!!

  • Within the rehab industry, there is much debate around the gold standard for the treatment of this paediatric heel pain condition.

  • With little consensus around management, we decided to construct a 4-week rehab program that involves all modalities that have been indicated in the literature to be of help in the
    management of Sever’s.


  • Sever’s is quite painful during and after sports and the child may be seen visibly limping or running without pushing off.

  • Some days will be better than others - and this is usually dependant on how much sports activity (load) the child has been involved in recently.

  • Diagnostically a heel squeeze test can be used to confirm this and a plain Xray as shown to the side is sometimes utilised to rule out any other pathology.


Sever's Heel Pain Rehab guide

Designed by an experienced Podiatrist with over 20 years experience treating children's Sever's heel pain

Is your child suffering from Sever's Heel Pain? 

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