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COVID-19 Public Health information

The Lower Extremity Group remains open as per the directives advised by the Australian Medical Association Chief Medical Officer.

We continue to place the highest priority on the health and wellbeing of all clients and staff and the wider Lower Extremity Group family.  As you are aware, health authorities are continuing to respond to the emergence of the novel coronavirus and LEG will continue to always follow the advice of public health authorities in these circumstances.

We are also operating a Telehealth service model to those of our clients that may need remote treatment sessions during this period of time.

Please ask our staff upon booking your next time if you need this service


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Clinic Location:

1/14 Cassia Drive

Varsity Lakes


Injury Rehabilitation

 At LEG our experienced team of lower limb therapists  will get you back on track or back in the game with our accelerated rehabilitation protocols for all musculoskeletal injuries

Post Operative rehabilitaiton

 Foot, ankle and lower extremity surgery can take many months to recover from.

The therapists at LEG work with your surgeon to ensure optimal outcomes for your rehabilitation. 

We also offer memberships to our centre to reduce costs throughout the rehabilitation process

Workplace injury management and rehabilitaiton

Our expert lower limb therapists coordinate with your case manager the best clinical and functional rehabilitation plans so that your return to work is as smooth as possible. 

Gait and Movement Analysis

Our lower limb therapists assess your walking/running gait, using slow motion video analysis and 3D analysis systems.





 Accelerated lower extremity rehabilitation is what the team at LEG focus on.  

Our state of the Art facility is fully equiped for any and all of your needs including ​

  • Purpose built recovery programs 

  • Fully equiped specialty lower limb gymnasium,

  • Functional proprioception (balance) training systems

  • Patented Level lower limb and foot strength systems

  • Weekly memberships available during rehabilitation

  • Pilates 

  • Foot and ankle Therapy

  • Lower Limb Therapy

  • Balance Zone

  • Gait Analysis and rehabilitation


Lower Extremity 

Injury Rehabilitation 



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